The same procedure as every year

Its been a while since my last post – summer, holidays, old friends and road trips means I tend to steer away from technology. Alex and I also just finished a 4,500km road trip across the south coast of Australia – there will be more about this in my next posts. But here I am, finding it hard to realise that the 31st of December has rolled around once again – but nevertheless excited for the days ahead.

Being the last day of 2013, I think a recap is duly in order. I always enjoy looking back on the year that was – what I achieved, the milestones, the many places I was able to see, the people I met…

Looking back also puts things into perspective for me, allowing me to be grateful for the life I have, the people I have around me and the opportunities in front of me.

2013 was a good year.

In looking back, I’ve collected a few of my favourite moments of the year:

  • The fun memories made with our many Australian visitors in our Munich home – thus making Australia feel not so “down under”.
  • Receiving my German drivers licence after the back-and-forth paperwork – and since I have reached my new PB on the autobahn. (If there are any Aussies out there that need help with their license, I’ll be more than happy to provide some tips!)
  • Late night snow ball fights in the streets. (Yes, I still get excited by the snow).ImageIMG_4310
  • Achieving my B2 language certificate in German.


  • Having the opportunity to explore Munich further – visiting special places, admiring the change of seasons, riding my bike around the city and to nearby lakes with friends.

München nights

My lunch spot

The English Garden


  • Spending time with family and friends in Australia. Living 16,000km away doesn’t mean you have to miss the special birthdays and weddings.
  • Seeing more of Germany – Nürnberg, Bayern, the Pfalz…


The Mosel

  • Falling in love with regional Italy through my summer road trip with Alex. (Dancing through endless fields of sunflowers didn’t make that all too difficult.)

Tuscan sunflowers

The italian pick-me-up

Tuscan afternoons

IMG_8378IMG_8400IMG_8719 - Version 2

  • Reaching new heights of hiking in South Tyrol.

Hochwart, South Tyrol


  • The scheduled weekly “check-in” calls with our parents.
  • Retracing the ancient footsteps of the Byzantine era in Istanbul.

Bread transport

Agia Sofia

Palatial quarters in Topkapi

The Bosphoros


Mosaics in the Blue Mosque

  • Experiencing the modern path of Istanbul including it’s peaceful protests using pots & pans in the trendy city of Bebek.
  • Our meaty summer of BBQs. Alex gave the Aussie’s a run for their money.


  • Further finding my “German voice” – engaging with friends, participating in work meetings.
  • My grandma weeding the balcony planter box after having been at our place for less than half an hour. Within an hour she had prepared the soil for the seedlings. I have never grown so many herbs!

We made a lot of pesto this summer



Home grown

  • Exploring Berlin together with both mine and Alex’s parents.


  • Sharing some delicious food moments with friends and family over our big table.
  • Dirtying my feet in the red sand of Western Australia & outback Australia.


  • Spending christmas with my family for the first time since 2010. The lead-up of course included the 1,000 questions about what we will prepare for Christmas lunch.
  • Beginning this blog. I have so far loved every moment of writing posts, sharing photos and having that lightbulb moment as I stand on the train platform before work of what I will write about next.

While we all say that the year goes quickly, looking back, i think it is simply due to the fact that we pack so much in to it. And it is this which makes a year truly memorable.

I am often told that I struggle to sit still; always wanting to have the day’s activities planned, not being able to sit, relax and enjoy the moment. This is me – I can’t handle seeing the sun shining outside and not being outside to enjoy it. But being planned and knowing I am getting the most out of my day is how I live. And theres definitely always room for relaxation.

While just another day, I am excited that tomorrow marks the beginning of another big year. And tonight – I am lucky enough to see Sydney’s fireworks – live!!

Happy New Year – Frohe neues Jahr – Guten Rutsch!

Bring on 2014!

* Taken from “Dinner for One” – the English parody broadcasted repeatedly on German TV on New Years Eve (Silvester).

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